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Pages of Interest to Deer Hunters

The Biblical Art of Hunting Series An important work for hunters and non-hunters alike!
"Copy Me!" Bible Quizzes A popular work that makes a great gift for any one involved in Christian ministry.  Contains among other things "A Creature Quiz".  Use this at your next Wild Game Feed.
Litter of 10 Special! This is a special offer for those who raise and sell coon dogs. 
Confessions of a Poacher
Buck Fever
How to Hunt Privately on Public Lands
Messianic Psalms
by Dr. Phillip G. Wahlbeck
A great study!!!
What If You Have to Leave Your Dog Behind?  A coon hunting tip that also teaches a powerful spiritual truth.
"Special" Andy NEW The true story of a three-legged coon hound.
The Ancient Art of Hunting Seminar and Upcoming Seminars by Dr. Rakow

Deer and Moose Hunting Pictures

Endangered Species?: The North American Hunter
Raccoon Hunting Basics This page has some important tips for those wanting to hunt raccoon.
Hunting and the Bible News Release Information about a booklet that is a must for hunters and non-hunters alike who want to know what the Bible has to say about hunting.
Raccoon Hunting Questions These pages are packed with principles for training coon dogs.
"Simulated Hunt" Excerpt from Raccoon Hunting Basics
"An Actual Hunt" Excerpt from Raccoon Hunting Basics
"Treeing" Excerpt from Raccoon Hunting Basics
"The Hide" Excerpt from Raccoon Hunting Basics
Raccoon Hunting Questions Audio Tape
The Prodigal Pooch Tract If you really want to reach dog lovers with the Good News of Jesus Christ - get a hold of this tract!
Pages of Interest to Hunters
Pages of Interest to Raccoon Hunters
Christian Deer Hunters Association This organization distributes a free pocket-sized devotional booklet titled Devotions for Deer Hunters.  Various members write stories of how the Lord has worked in their lives during a hunting experience.  Since 1994, the association has placed 80,000+ devotionals into the hands of hunters.  For more information, see "Introducing the Christian Deer Hunters Association" by Tom Rakow (pp. 142-147, Evangelism vol. 10, no. 4, August 1996).
Christian Anglers Association! This interdenominational organization distributes a free devotional booklet titled Devotions for Anglers.
God's Great Outdoors  A media ministry for outdoor Christian ministries and individuals who use their outdoor activities to enrich family bonds and friendships with others.  Lots of great links.  Includes Fellowship of Christian Cowboy's, Wheel Power Christian Cyclists, and Christian Deer Hunters Association to name a few.
TOPOMAPS The place to find maps for your favorite or future hunting ground.