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Hunting Miracles

Hunting Miracles: Ancient & Modern
112 pages - ISBN 978-1-891147-61-6
Edited by Dr. Tom Rakow

Hunting Miracles: Ancient & Modern edited by Dr. Tom Rakow (© 2018) and published by Rock Dove Publications. This concise (112 pages) work contains a medley of unique outdoor-related miracles penned by nine different authors. Noteworthy contributors include: Dr. Kent Hunter (author of more than 30 books), Russell Thornberry (author and former Editor-in-Chief of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine), and Joey Hancock (former Georgia Inspirational Author of the Year).

Readers will learn how a stag hunt back in the Middle Ages continues to impact the course of human history right up to the present time. In addition, many of the more than 20 hunting-related miracles reveal powerful (and sometimes even life and death) answers to prayer. Discover how ducks, geese, deer, dogs, and even wood ticks have played a role in revealing God’s supernatural presence and power. Discussion questions provided at the back of the book help make it a convenient tool for a group study or book club.     

Christians who hunt will especially find Hunting Miracles: Ancient & Modern a fun and fascinating read, but so will those outside of the faith.  This is a wonderful tool specifically designed to help hunters of all kinds contemplate the miraculous.  Currently available for $15.95 through the Rock Dove Publications website, or by calling 1-888-HIS-DOVE.