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Pages of Interest to Pastors

The Biblical Art of Hunting Series Information about our series on biblical hunting.
"Copy Me!" Bible Quizzes A great resource for bulletin inserts, Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, special events, etc.
Confessions of a Poacher A testimony of God's grace to a former poacher.
The Prodigal Pooch Tract  A new tract to spread the news of God's forgiveness!
Buck Fever A devotional entry using buck fever to spread the gospel.
Lonely, But Not Alone
Pastor's Wives' Support Board
What If You Have to Leave Your Dog Behind?
Endangered Species?: The North American Hunter Addresses the need for a biblical world view.
Untangling Christmas Traditions
Hunting and the Bible News Release
"Copy Me!" Bible Quizzes News Release
Pages of Interest to Pastor's Wives
Christian Deer Hunters Association This organization distributes a free pocket-sized devotional booklet titled Devotions for Deer Hunters.  Various members write stories of how the Lord has worked in their lives during a hunting experience.  Since 1994, the association has placed 87,000+ devotionals into the hands of hunters.
Christian Anglers Association This interdenominational organization distributes a free devotional booklet titled Devotions for Anglers.
God's Great Outdoors  A media ministry for outdoor Christian ministries and individuals who use their outdoor activities to enrich family bonds and friendships with others.  Lots of great links.  Includes Fellowship of Christian Cowboy's, Wheel Power Christian Cyclists, and Christian Deer Hunters Association to name a few.
Christian Job Links Check out this listing for tons of jobs!!
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